FreshTrends: Matcha Everything!

Come 2017, ‘Matcha Everything’ is going to be a trend in the food world. What is Matcha? And what in the world is ‘Matcha Everything’? Hold on to those thoughts, we’ll tell you.

Matcha is Tea

Yup, that’s right. Matcha is a green tea of a kind, just not your average supermarket versions. Matcha is a finely powdered version of green tea which is grown using special techniques. It is powdery green in colour and can be dissolved directly in water or milk.


Where did it come from?

Matcha originates from China and is a prominent part of tea ceremonies held in Japan and China.



How is Matcha Made?

Tea trees are covered with blankets of cloth to shade them from direct sun. This process is the first and the most important step as the absence of sunlight helps in increasing the chlorophyll amount in the leaves, in turn, increasing the amount of ‘theanine’, the chemical responsible for calming properties. The chlorophyll also results in the darkening of the leaves.

The delicate and the finest buds are picked out and dried flat on the stones. These leaves are then stone ground - an intricate and steady process, mainly because the heat released can affect the flavour. It is said that only 30 g of matcha can be produced in one hour.  


Are there different Grades?

Macha is unofficially divided into two categories, culinary grade and ceremony grade. The former is of the lower grade and is used in cooking. The latter is only made into tea to enjoy the high quality.


How is Matcha Tea Originally Prepared?

There are two types of Matcha Tea. A thick version is made from high grade fine powder where it is combined with milk or water by whisking it in a bowl using a bamboo brush. The lower grade is just dissolved in hot water and served.


What is the TREND ‘Matcha Everything’?

According to the food experts in the industry, 2017 is going to see a lot of ‘Matcha’ usage in the dishes. Think matcha pancakes, matcha milkshakes, matcha cake, matcha donuts - in short, almost everything!


Matcha has already become popular all over the world for its numerous health benefits. It is better than your regular green tea and it is quirky enough to grab everybody’s attention. So be on a lookout, we will certainly have dishes with this ingredient on the menu.

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