Beer Games For The Beer Lovers

Come celebrate with us as FreshMenu raises a glass to International Beer Day. Let’s toast to the good times with friends and cheer as the weekend comes near! We’ve listed a bunch of fun games you can enjoy with your folks, while you party on this great occasion.


1. The most well-known drinking game, Beer Pong

You need two teams, solo cups set up in triangles, and ping pong balls. Fill each cup with 1/3 beer and take turns trying to land the ping pong balls in the other team’s solo cups. If you get your ball in the other team’s cup, they drink.

2. Never Have I Ever

Ask a question in the form of ‘Never have i ever’ like Never have I ever lied to my boss and bunked work. Everyone who can answer yes to that, drinks their beer!

3. Fuzzy Duck!

Say "fuzzy duck" to the person on your left. Continue until someone says "does he". You must now say "ducky fuzz", going right. "Does he" can change direction again. Mess up? Take a drink.


4. Power Hour

This game is all about drinking. There are not really any rules. The object is to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. It sounds pretty easy but believe me, it isn’t. If you want to prove you are really a man you can try to join the Century Club. The Century Club is doing a shot every minute for 100 minutes.

You can add rules to this game if you want. An example is if you go to the bathroom before the end of the hour you must finish a beer. At the end of the hour you will usually have had six beers.

5.Flip Cup

A relay race game played with red plastic party cups. Teams are divided into 4 or 5, each with a half cup of beer, or 2 shots of hard liquor. The game is a relay race and each person much drink the contents of their cup and flip the cup from the edge of the table with their fingers to the upside-down position on the table before the next member begins. First team to finish wins.


While you enjoy happy hours today, FreshMenu’s got some lip smacking treats and nibbles to go with your drink. Head to our exciting Beer Up menu today and be amazed.