A Long Weekend Filled With Fun!

It’s Friday and without a doubt, it must’ve been a long set of five days (what must’ve seemed like an eternity) and now, it’s time to turn the relaxation mode on and enjoy the weekends. And… the best part - it’s not just another weekend!

You must have a great plan in order by now - a nice active Saturday, a leisurely Sunday, a festive Monday followed by a patriotic Tuesday! And we really hope you indulge as much as you want in all you have planned out and more, thus, our chefs have curated a great deal of delicious dishes to go along with your perfect long weekend. And for those who have not made any elaborate plans, we have everything that’s needed to mix that extra element of excitement into the respite.


So, spend your time where it matters and leave the cooking to us. We have an array of exciting dishes prepared just for you so you can enjoy your weekend. We promise, you are going have a ball this weekend.

Four Days of Absolute Fun!

A Fun Saturday

Start you fun filled Saturday with a nice wholesome plate of English Breakfast. It’s time to indulge through the day. A cheesy Pizza Mac ‘N’ Cheese and a nice round of Peri Peri Chicken Pizza to add to a lavish day and enjoy a perfect day finishing with the Molten Lava Cake. Your Saturday is bound to be exactly what dreams are made of.


A Leisurely Sunday

After a fun Saturday, we’ve got you covered for a slow and lazy Sunday. Wake up of your own accord and feel the bright happy sun with Spinach Mushroom French Omelette. Relax while you turn on your favourite sitcom followed by that ever so popular series and give your taste buds the pleasure of the Penne Alfredo or the British Roast Chicken. Give a perfect finish to this day with the decadent Galaxy Pastry!


A Happy Monday

A wholesome and delicious Overnight Steel-cut Oats Jar; the irresistible Paneer Makhani Hot Pot; and the indulgent Irish Coffee Lava Jar; a perfect recipe for a perfectly happy Janmashtami.


A Special Tuesday

We have a lot in store for you this 70th Independence day. Be sure to come over to FreshMenu and celebrate with us. It’ll be filled with delicious dishes, offers and much more.


Have an amazing long weekend. Think fresh, think FreshMenu!