5 Types Of Asian Noodles You Didn’t Know About

Asian cuisine is a huge hit around the world. From a simple stir-fry noodle to an exotic dim sum, the journey of food in this cuisine has just been exhilarating. The best of Asian cuisine is full of flavour and extremely bold as well. Not only have they given us such perfect flavours, their noodles have made a mark throughout the world. In order to honour this amazing and oh so slurpalicious Asian creation, here are five types of noodles that make eating Asian food worthwhile.


Lo Mein

Another wheat noodles on the list these flat in shape. The word “Lo mein” comes from a Cantonese term which means stirred or tossed noodles. These noodles are simply tossed with the preferred variety of sauce after being boiled as opposed to being stir fried.


Soba noodles

Made from buckwheat flour this this delicious dish is a little nutty to taste while being quite chewy in texture this Japanese noodles are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve. It symbolic of longer and fulfilling life.




One of the most common ones, these noodle are made with wheat flour, eggs and salt. They come in different shapes and variety and are usually prepared in variations of broth.



These noodle are made from mung bean, yam, and/or potato starches. Owing to the fact that they turn a little translucent once cooked they are also widely known as glass noodles.



One of the thickest types of noodles in the list, these Japanese noodles are constitute of wheat flour and salt. An uncanny thing about this type of noodles is that the dough is usually kneaded with feet in order to achieve chewiness.


These are a few type of widely known noodles that have made a huge mark throughout the world, making every noodle dish delicious. Come over to FreshMenu and try our delicious noodle dishes. We are serving Veggie Drunken Noodles and China Town Chowmein today. Have a slurpalicious day!