Hi-Protein, Bye Carbs!

Everyone loves a 'fit and fab' version of themselves, which is why we'd like to remind you, healthy can be delicious too. Today, let us count the reasons we're obsessed with protein and how it does your body good. FreshMenu presents a range of healthy dishes, high in protein and low in carbs. Come fulfill your fitness resolution this Tuesday, you deserve a terrific one.



Ranch Baked Chicken with Brown Rice

Shake off all your guilt while you enjoy this delicious low carb, high protein meal. Bite into ranch baked morsels of boneless chicken tossed in creamy cheddar sauce accompanied with butter sauteed exotic veggies and a portion of mushroom brown rice to go with it.



Chicken Ham 'N' Pea Soup

Add crunch to your lunch with this tasty soup that features peas and meaty chicken Ham. Find yourself enjoying slow cooked and spiced creamy, pea puree with sauteed ham and peas. Slurp it up!



Roasted Onion Chicken Soup

A creamy roasted onion soup recipe with hearty chunks of chicken is a soulful meal indeed. Today, we bring you oven roasted onions, smoked chicken chunks and leeks simmered in rich and creamy chicken stock.



Farfalle Cottage Cheese Salad

When the hunger monster calls, this salad will be the hero. This tangy salad is made with farfalle pasta, grilled cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta well-coated in a honey and red-wine vinaigrette.



Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad

Shopska salad is a classic Bulgarian cold salad popular throughout the Balkans and Central Europe. It comes with freshly chopped tomatoes, English cucumber, fresh peppers, crunchy lettuce, onion, feta and cottage cheese that's tossed in a rich Red wine vinaigrette. Be refreshed with every bite.



Roast Chicken Caesar Salad

Much loved throughout the world, this classic salad is made with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked chicken, tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing and finished with Parmesan cheese.



Chicken Fajita Salad

Enjoy this carefully crafted salad from the comfort of your home or at your office desk. Chilli grilled chicken is tossed with cumin, trio of bell peppers, roasted corn, juicy tomatoes in a citrusy lemon dressing.


Come explore the menu to enjoy a host of amazing flavours from all over the world. With dishes that are chef crafted and made with a variety of exquisite fresh ingredients, your Tuesdays can never go boring, hands down!