Happy World Emoji Day - Let's Eat!

Words are not enough to express, sometimes. It takes a lot more to make someone else understand exactly what you mean especially when it is just typed. That’s why we have emojis, making our typed conversations fun and way more expressive.

Having said that, what we express with the help of these little emotion-laden characters makes a lot of difference. Currently, with our busy schedules, running around, and all the negative burdens of daily life, the usage of emojis, more often than not, tend to tilt on the not so happy side.

Today FreshMenu celebrates the World Emoji Day and it’s time to brighten you up. It's no more using the negative emojis, with good food.

Order yourself that much desired, noodle bowl; or get a load of fresh, crunchy salads; or the deliciously decadent dessert you really wanted, and see your mood lift. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s about how you feel as well - all the goodness you desire!

Take a bite, and the next time you text a friend, you’ll find yourself using every optimistic and happy emoji your phone directory can muster. Good food, great mood!

Come, celebrate every single bite from your plate. Express the love of food this World Emoji Day with FreshMenu and let your taste buds explore. If there is something you want to convey about your love for food with emojis, post it on Instagram and tag us. We’re always listening!

Have a delicious World Emoji Day!