Favourite Dishes On The Menu

The world as we know it is divided into two. While one part of it consists of people who eat to live, the other significant part consists of people who live to eat. If your day begins with the image of a chicken and ends with kebab, then you have landed on the right page… and today we are feeling a little nostalgic about some of the popular dishes that stand out on our ever changing menu.


Here are six favourite dishes on our menu, you owe the foodie in you. Make sure you check them out if you haven’t already. They’re all on the menu today.


Tex-Mex Fajita Steak Rice Bowl

Our Meal of the Day today, this signature bowl comes with cottage cheese steaks with refried bean sauce, fajita spice flavoured veggies, served with cilantro rice and sour cream on top. Experience Mexican flavours!


Teriyaki Chicken Hot Pot

This is one of the most popular Japanese dishes that has stood the test of time on our menu. One of the oldest and everyone’s favourite, this fine delicacy comes with a warm bowl of fried rice layered with tangy, sweet Teriyaki sauce. Cooked with tender chicken pieces and plenty of greens including leeks, onions and crunchy bell peppers.


Hoisin Chicken Hot Pot

This East Asian delight is a delicate balance of oriental flavours. Juicy boneless leg of chicken is grilled and glazed in hoisin sauce to give it a sweet and salty flavour. This is served with aromatic fried rice and will have you savouring each bite to the fullest.


Louisiana Golden Wings

Not only is it one of the most desired appetizers on the menu, it proves to be quite delicious and apt for a quick bite as well. It comes with crispy breaded chicken wings, fried to perfection, tossed with Louisiana golden spice with a perfect pinch of tangy spice.


Chipotle Chicken Burger

Chipotle Chicken Burger (Non Veg).jpg

A popular Mexican-inspired burger. Chipotle spiced chicken mince patty is chargrilled to perfection. Layered with onions, tomatoes and topped with cheese chilli spread. Comes with potato wedges.


Lava Cake in a Jar

_50B7853_Lava Cake in a Jar (Eggless).jpg

An all time favourite dessert of them people, this cake-in-a-jar is truly a delectable dessert. It is carefully designed with layers of dark chocolate sponge, crunchy nuts and dry fruit crumble. A melody of dark chocolate sprinkle is added to make it all the more indulgent.


We try and encapsulate the world on our menu everyday with so many different dishes of several different cuisines. It is always a pleasure to know that some of them stand out and are mass favourites.

If we missed out on any of your favourites from our menu, you could take a picture of it and tag us on Instagram. We’d love to know about your experience with FreshMenu.

Come over to FreshMenu today and try these favourite delicacies out. They might not be there tomorrow. Have a delightful day!