A New Month. A Larger Menu.

FreshMenu has constantly aimed at bringing good food of the highest quality (and of great variety) to your plate, and we at FreshMenu have great fun doing it. June was an amazing month – it was an immense pleasure to take your palate on a world tour to Cuba, Portugal, Peru and the Great Britain as part of our Food Trails; we celebrated the diverse types of fathers for Father’s Day and brought you treats for your dad; we brought to you the Pizza Feast, for you to enjoy with your friends and your families.



It’s a new month now, and we want to bring you MORE. Until we have fished out every little flavour there is to taste from every nook and cranny of the entire world, and have brought to your experience the diverse tastes of all exotic (or even, not so exotic) cuisines and culinary art forms, we shan’t stop.


July Brings More...

We have expanded the menu even more this month. This would mean that there is a great extent of dishes to choose from than you already did from our ever-changing menu. There are more than thirty dishes to choose from, while your options keep changing everyday - more meals, more desserts, more salads, more burgers, more more more….



Further, the menu is designed to directly cater to your individual taste buds, thus, the dishes that could have variants will be available for your customization. To exemplify, if you wish to order a pasta, there will be an option provided for you to pick the sauce that suits your taste buds. Everything is easy, delicious, and abundant, all created for you and your preference.


So, what are you waiting for? Come over to FreshMenu and enjoy a vast and diverse array of delicious food, chef-crafted, and delivered to your doorstep. Have a great month!


Bon Appetit!