5 Reasons Why You Should Indulge in FreshMenu Pizzas

No game night or sleepover is complete with a couple of pizzas and a few cans of soda. Come lunch time or any occasion whatsoever, pizzas are unofficially preferred to create amazing foodie memories. We understand your love for it and we at FreshMenu bring to you a range of delicious pizzas. Come, bite into these chef-crafted veg and non-veg pizzas that are out of this world.

If you are wondering why you should indulge in FreshMenu pizzas, here are five reasons why.


Multi Grain Base


Our pizza bases are made from multi grains as opposed to the regular maida ones. It’s pointless worrying about the muffin top and extra exercise.


World Inspired

Our pizzas are inspired by cuisines from all over the globe - America, India, China, Ethiopia, Portugal, Hawaii, Greece and many more. They are plenty of home-style Italian pizzas too.


Large Pizzas


Our 12-inch pizzas are designed to serve 4 people with prices that start at just Rs. 350 which is much lower than most pizza joint prices. And no hidden costs or taxes either.


Fresh Toppings

_17FM06031_Manhattan Chicken Pizza.jpg

We take pride in our fresh, herbaceous, juicy and generous toppings. FreshMenu pizzas come loaded with toppings. We understand the toppings are the most important aspect of a pizza.


New Flavours Everyday


Owing to our daily changing menu, we are able to bring you new flavours of pizzas with new toppings of varied cuisines everyday with the freshness intact.

Do you need any more reasons? Go ahead and indulge in our pizzas today from 5PM - 7:30PM and get up to 35% OFF. Thinking of deliciously fresh pizzas, think FreshMenu!