Portugal Love

What’s the first thing that would come to your mind when you hear the word Portugal, apart from Vasco da Gama? Bet it’s just blank from there.

Backed by a rich cultural heritage, do you realise this country has also contributed towards the diverse and traditional practices of our own?

Situated in Western Europe, Portugal, with its staggering level of natural beauty and culture, can’t be overlooked.To help convince you, here are some jaw-dropping facts that would make you fall in love with Portugal.


How did Portugal get its name?

When the Arabs invaded Portugal they found many oranges. In Arabic, oranges are called 'bortugal' so they named it after that. We like this version, hence it’s here. If Wiki said it differently just remember there is always  2 sides to a story.


Fun Facts

Over 230 million people speak Portuguese, and Portugal produces half of the world's cork. Portugal is also home to the largest Santa Claus parade. This parade obviously happens during December, because Santa = Christmas, and it’s pretty fun.


Traditional Practices

The traditional Portuguese music is called fado. Folk music and dancing is also Portugal’s tradition. The Portuguese are also fashion conscious, and clothes indicate a social standing.


Politics in Portugal

The Prime Minister and The President are elected by the people. The two most important figures are The Prime Minister - José Sócrates - and The Republic President - Cavaco Silva.



The Festas de Cidade e Gualterianas or ‘City Festival and Gualterianas’, is held in early August and is a  week-long festival with music, bullfights, parades and so much more.

Jazz Festival: It is held in Guimaraes in November.  It is a festival for jazz enthusiasts; Jazz artists from all over the world come to witness the wonder, this festival brings in much revenue for Portugal.

‘Festival de Marisco’ or seafood festival of Portugal. A plethora of seafood is available, and people from all over will arrive to partake in this event.


Food in Portugal

Their cuisine is typically hearty, a polite way of saying quite caloric. From the mountains in the north to the rolling hills and plains of the south, Portugal offers a wide range of culinary delights.


To name a few:

Cod fish (“bacalhau”) will be a staple no matter where you go. Some say there are more bacalhau recipes than days in a year!


Cozido a Portuguesa - Please meet the king of all stews!


Caldo Verde - The most traditional of Portuguese soups is as simple as it gets: onions, potatoes and kale, cooked with garlic and olive oil.


Portugal cuisine is a melting pot of flavours that come together to create a symphony on your palate. And now, FreshMenu’s bringing this symphony to your doorstep. Happy Indulging!