5 Little-Known Italian Dishes You Haven’t Tried Yet

Italian dishes have become widely loved by all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, in India, Italian dishes have been incorporated with our desi flavours - Palak Paneer Cheese Crust Pizzas, Makhni Penne with Malai Chicken or something as ingenious as Chicken Tikka Pizza - it’s just really amazing how enticing Italian cuisine is.


But have you tasted every dish from Italy? Here are some Italian dishes that you might not have had the chance to try out yet.



1. Risi e bisi

An Italian delicacy in its most simplistic form yet so marvelously flavourful, Risi e bisi means “rice and peas”. Hence, unsurprisingly, the dish consists of rice and peas, prepared with stock and seasonings, somewhat like a traditional risotto, but without the constant stirring to make it soupier.



2. Cacciucco

This dish is a beautifully made fish stew that is mostly native to the western coastal towns of Tuscany and Liguria. Historically, the fishmongers would make this dish with the unsold fish they had in store. The fish is cooked in a rich tomato and chile-based broth after which it is given a nice rich flavour with sage and garlic, served with crusty bread.


3. Ribollita

A popular Tuscan soup prepared with a delicious mixture of bread and vegetables. Traditionally, it is considered cucina povera (food of the poor), but appears far from so, with its rich and exuberant mixture into thick soup.



4. Tortellini en Brodo

En Brodo means “in broth”, thus, as the name suggests, this dish comprises of tortellini in chicken broth, topped with a light sprinkle of Parmesan. For northern Italy this a staple dish, particularly for Christmas feasts. It is made with few ingredients but of the highest quality.


5. Focaccia di recco

This is a classic dish from the town of Recco, in Liguria. It is yet another simple yet immensely flavourful delicacy in that region, made with just a thin sheet of baked Italian bread (focaccia) with a layer of crescenza cheese in the middle.


There you go, five delicious Italian dishes that are not very well known but immensely flavourful. Be sure to try them out. For more Italian (or any kind of dish you would want to check out from around the world) come over to FreshMenu and have it delivered to your doorstep by either ordering your food online or using our food delivery app.