5 Health Benefits of Having Chicken You Never Knew

Consumption of chicken in India has been growing rapidly in the recent times. It is fairly obvious why that would happen, considering the diverse ways in which it can be cooked while tasting as good as ever, anyway it is cooked. What most don’t know are the benefits of this ever so popular meat. Here are five benefits of eating chicken:




If you are looking for ways to provide your body with some nice form of protein, chicken is the best way to get it. Chicken contains a lot of protein that can help in lean muscle building.


Reduce Cancer Risk

Studies show that chicken helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Though it is not conclusive, it has been studied that it has definitely been able to lower cancer risk.


Weight Loss

Since chicken contains protein and develops lean muscles, it helps reduce weight immensely. In fact a lot of bodybuilders include chicken in their diet in order to have their muscles built and their weight maintained. Including chicken in diet has proven to help a lot of people lose weight.


Common Cold

Slurping up some nice, warm chicken soup has proven to help get rid of common cold and also help fight sore throat and congestion in the nose.


Relieves Stress

Not only does chicken taste good and make you strong, it also is very effective turning your frown upside down. Chicken contains tryptophan that gives you that comforting feeling after a nice bowl of warm soup. With that chicken also increases your serotonin level that gets your mood enhanced.


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