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Have you ever stopped to think just how or just what so many people, 7.5 billion to be precise, all over the world are held together by? Yeah, of course, in most cases only after striking out a number of variables and subjective moulds of “universal” answers, most of us are, nonetheless, bound to mention “food”, an aspect that is directly or indirectly responsible for an unspoken bond of togetherness. The world, is in one way or the other connected through food - because, well, food sure does work wonders in the spread of knowing and understanding cultures.


This brings me to talk about the richness of the different and diverse cuisines of the world: the world is a vast stretch of flavourful experiences scattered across every continent, region, culture, and well, the culture within that culture, covering a lot. It’s an adventurous tour of the history and stories of every region and an experience of the indigenous-ness of that place.


FreshMenu, tries bringing all of that together with its daily changing menu, consisting of cuisines and delicacies that string in the flavours of the world, prepared by a line of highly skilled chefs. Come, walk down the road of world cuisine and get to know the world better with FreshMenu.


Classic Greek Pastitsio

_50B9234_Classic Greek Pastitsio.jpg

Taste the delicious Greek-Mediterranean cuisine with FreshMenu, penne pasta alternately layered with spicy minced chicken and creamy mornay sauce, gratinated under hot oven.

Did you know?

Pastitsio is sometimes called Greek lasagna.


Grilled Red Snapper in Beurre Blanc


Try this savoury flavour of Red Snapper fish, pan seared and finished in the oven, served with the irresistible black and green grape beurre blanc.

Did you know?

Beurre blanc is a French sauce prepared by condensing wine, onions, and herbs until almost dry and blended with butter to achieve a thick creamy sauce.


Turkish Chicken Burger


Experience the fresh Turkish flavours with this juicy burger - minced chicken patty, stuffed with mushroom and cheese, layered with veggies and basil.

Did you know?

The Turkish people don’t like their rice sticky, hence, they do not put it into boiling water but sauté it first.


Italian Sausage N Cheese Omelette

Explore the taste of the Italian streets with this breakfast dish, omelette prepared with perfectly sized smoked chicken sausage pieces lavished with cheese and chopped bell peppers.

Did you know?

The Italians consider eating while walking disrespectful.


Deconstructed Vietnamese Chicken Roll Salad

_16FM02135_Deconstructed Vietnamese Chicken Roll Salad (Non Veg).jpg

Relish Vietnamese culture with this irresistible roll, deconstructed and served in salad form, mildly spiced chicken mince with glass noodles tossed along with soya chilli sesame dressing with a sprinkling of rice paper crisps for garnish.

Did you know?

French bread is most widely used in Vietnamese cuisine, especially to make sandwich.


Cuban Lamb Sandwich

_50B9991_cuban lamb sandwich.jpg

From the Cuban lands comes this delicious classic lamb sandwich, griddle roasted tender lamb leg topped with cheese slice and sandwiched for a perfect flavour.

Did you know?

Cuban cuisine is influenced not just by Spanish and African cuisine but the French, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese cuisines as well.


These are just a few examples of the innumerable dishes that FreshMenu serves. Come taste every part of the world and let your taste buds experience the fresh flavours of the nooks and crannies of this vast globe. We serve a large array of world cuisines, prepared by chefs, delivered to you on time! As an added bonus, our menu changes everyday so every day is a new experience.


Explore a fresh new world each day with FreshMenu - it’s not just a menu, it’s an experience!