8 Italian Dishes You Must Try!

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine walking the old, narrow, stone paved streets of the island of Venezia. Around every corner you're bound to find a quaint little eatery - outdoor seating consisting of old wooden chairs, tables with flowers at the centre and umbrellas protecting you from the mild sun. The smells of the various pizzas and pastas waft through the air, tingling every sense and making your mouth water, causing you to conceive every taste possible while you listen to the violin bow its melody and await your food.


Now open your eyes and read on while FreshMenu takes you to on a journey that resembles all of that. We have all kinds of Italian dishes. Yes, even the ones that your taste buds might have missed out on. Come on over to FreshMenu and taste these Italian flavours and experience the wonderful Italy.


Here are a few Italian dishes from FreshMenu that are sure to leave you spellbound:


Creamy Spaghetti Chicken Charcuterie

An Italian special with an enticing culinary expression, spaghetti is tossed along with grilled charcuterie meats such as smoked sausages and chicken bacon prepared in creamy roast gravy. Slurp up the flavours ready to delight your senses!


Chicken Chorizo Spaghetti

Let your taste buds explore some spaghetti tossed along with creamy chicken mince and chopped chicken chorizo. A rich tomato base sauce adds to the extra flavours that this chorizo bowl offers.


Chunky Lamb Lasagne

Lamb and lasagna, perfect ingredients for a perfect Italian meal. Chunks of lamb is slow cooked in rich creamy broth with bell peppers mixed with mozzarella. This is layered between lasagne sheets and cheese (gratinated for a golden finish).


Lamb Rigatoni

_50B7182_lamb rigatoni.jpg

Italian cuisine is all about combining robust flavours of tomato, herbs and local ingredients. This Rigatoni pasta is cooked in a luscious creamy cheese sauce with layers of minced lamb folded in a savoury tomato concasse. Served with bread roll.


Veggie Parmigiana

IMG_3291_Veggie Parmigiana (Veg).jpg

The Parmigiana is an Italian delicacy made with a shallow or deep-fried sliced aubergine. This dish is a delicious combination of zucchini, aubergine, potato and onion slices, grilled and stacked between layers of fresh basil and tomato sauce. It is then loaded with the goodness of grated Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese and served with garlic bread.

Ravioli in Tomato Sauce

Making ravioli is an art in itself and our chefs have mastered it! A tasty filling of perfectly roasted and mashed pumpkin, marinated in pepper, thyme and olive oil is blended with sautéed garlic and mirepoix. A final dash of ricotta cheese is lavished onto the mixture and that is sealed between pasta sheets to form this perfect melt-in-the-mouth Ravioli dish. It is then tossed in a tomato cheese sauce with olives and parmesan cheese.


Gnocchi al Pesto

Delve into this rich, creamy Italian dish, crafted delicately by our chefs. The gnocchi pasta made from potato is tossed in basil pesto sauce with Parmesan cheese, crunchy diced bell peppers and fresh zucchini. Finished with Parmesan cheese shavings.


Spinach Feta Arancini

Traditionally made in South of Italy, Arancini is a Sicilian rice ball stuffed with seasonal ingredients and fried till crisp, with soft interior. This dish is made irresistible with Moroccan mint rice balls stuffed with feta cheese and spinach, crumb fried and served with a tapenade dip made of pureed olives.

Come now, let’s go Italiano with FreshMenu. It is going to be great fun. We can’t wait to hear from you about your Italian experience with us. Tag us on Instagram, we won’t miss it.

If you seek to experience more of world cuisine, FreshMenu is always curating more and more delicious dishes from all over the world everyday. Come, check them out as well. We won’t let you down.

Here are two delicious Italian recipes you could try making at home:

Pasta Con Salsiccia

For a bowl full of magnificently silky, irresistible Italian goodness, in a large skillet cook sausages over a medium flame, stirring frequently, until they’re nicely browned. Throw in some chopped tomatoes, whipped cream and your cooked pasta, continuing to mix it all gently. Sprinkle this beautiful dish with grated parmesan cheese and voila! Buon appetito!


Pizza Margherita

For a couple of delicious slices of heavenly Italian simplicity, place a pizza base on a baking tray and smooth the sauce over it with the back of a spoon. Scatter the sauce layered base with handfuls of grated cheese and halved cherry tomatoes, finally drizzling it with olive oil. Put this in a preheated oven and bake for 8-10 minutes until it’s crisp and gooey with melted cheese. Finally, garnish this with basil leaves and dig in, allowing your senses to be serenaded to high heaven.