Indian meals at their best!

Globalization has taken the world by storm. Most aspects of our lives have been influenced by a sort of salad bowl culture, a mix of different ways of lives bundled in one. Thus, in relation to that, today, it has become almost a gargantuan challenge to be able to order an absolutely authentic range of Indian dishes for all three times of the day.


There are these days when our tongues crave for only a fill of Indian delicacies throughout, flowing with its lip-smacking spicy aroma, with a soft spread of mountainous rice, adorned with the flavour of ghee and a nice lather of lush dal, and of course, a generous break from that roti with a sweep of that nice spicy sabzi. Sigh, the pleasure…


Well, here is a range of delicious dishes FreshMenu has lined up for you to experience the authentic Indian flavours for all three meals of the day.


Indian Breakfast Menu

Desi French Toast (left); Home Style Chutney Paneer Sandwich (right)

Start your day with some desi freshness with Home Style Chutney Paneer Sandwich, mint spread, lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber, cottage cheese and a cheese slice sandwiched between jumbo breads.

Another best desi breakfast dish would be our Desi French Toast, a masala filled sandwich loaf soaked in a delicious omelette mixture and grilled to make it a wholesome breakfast option. We bet this toast would take you back to the streets of Old Delhi.


Indian Lunch Menu

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani; Rajma Chawal

How could we possibly miss out on the comfort food, Rajma Chawal. This ever so delicious and famous Punjabi dish comes with the lavishness of Kashmiri rajma prepared exactly how you like it and served with jeera rice in ghee and cottage cheese cutlet.

You could also add that extra spice in your lunch time with our Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, made with fragrant rice and succulent chicken drumsticks, slow roasted in spicy aromatic flavours. Served with Raita.


Indian Dinner Menu

Kolhapuri Chicken Rice Bowl; Shahi Kofta Rice Bowl

Have a regal dinner with Shahi Kofta Rice Bowl, finely minced cottage cheese, cashew nuts and raisins with delicious spices, perfectly rolled round to achieve the most tempting taste. This is served on a bed of aromatic rice.


There’s always an option to go Kolhapuri for dinner with our Kolhapuri Chicken Rice Bowl. Try this tempting dish that comes with chicken immersed in spicy gravy, made of poppy seed paste. Served with rice. It’s definitely enough to satisfy your hard core taste buds.


And there you have it, an awesome range of unbeatable desi indulgence that spread throughout the day. Come over to FreshMenu and try them out and of course, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. We’d love to know more about your experience. There’s a lot more options to choose from our daily changing menu everyday, fresh chef-made meals, adeptly prepared, and delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes.