IFL - Worldwide players, Global Flavours!

It's that time of the year again. The time of the year that sees people all over the country (all over the world, in fact) bracing themselves for the adrenaline rush that is the excitement of the Indian Premier League, more commonly known as the IPL. Hoards of people wait in long lines to watch these matches live and yell themselves hoarse while supporting their favourite players, or their teams, comprising of players from all around the world.


So while you cancel all your other plans, stay at home, sit back, relax and enjoy the IPL with your buddies, how about adding some delicious international food to make your experience special?


FreshMenu presents IFL - International Food League, a wide and diverse array of mind boggling and refreshing cricket dishes to celebrate flavours of food from all over the globe with the passion of IPL in mind. To sweeten the deal, we offer you special discounts during the matches and a flash sale to make it worth savouring.


Here’s a little sneak peak of the worldwide flavours FreshMenu offers to celebrate the cricket fever and the diverse nature of the players in the IPL teams with.

After all, it's not just cricket, it's an experience!


Ceylon Veg Curry with Sorghum Pilaf (Sri Lanka)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the match with this delectable Sri Lankan dish. A bowl tossed with the goodness of sorghum, flavoured with cumin. Perfectly complimented with cauliflower and broccoli curry. A taste enough to add extra energy to your cheers!


English Fruit Cake (England)

Bite that game night stress away and rejoice with this English rich fruit cake, showered generously with dry fruits and roasted nuts, baked to golden brown and flavoured with natural vanilla.



Braised Lamb Shanks with Couscous (New Zealand)

A hand-picked chunky foreshank of lamb from the grasslands of New Zealand, slow cooked to succulence. The braising sauce gains the flavours and the thickness over time while rendering the meat tender. A great way to calm down the intense jitters during the match.


Moroccan Tajine Salad (African)

Stay fresh through the match with this African inspired salad. Roast pumpkin, yogurt, Moroccan five spice seasoning, Moroccan mint seasoning, mint leaves, prunes, couscous, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves, all combined to give you that extra zeal to roar for your team!



Jamaican Jerk Chicken (Jamaican)

This Jamaican dish is a great joy bringer during cricket matches. Bat with chicken and get bowled over with them greens! A perfect harmony of chicken dry rubbed with Jamaican jerk spice. Served with pineapple and delicious veggies.


Orange and Rosemary Glazed Salmon (Australian)

This Australian dish is sure to blend in the much needed freshness to the competitive atmosphere. A generous bite of the exotic salmon filet, glazed with orange and aromatic rosemary sauce, mixes flavours beyond perfection.


Paneer Makhani Hot Pot (India)

And last but not the least, our very own Indian dish with a twist. Fresh and creamy cottage cheese steak is grilled and tossed along with buttery tomato sauce and served with roasted cumin rice, topped with crispy mixed vegetable cutlet.



There you go, a whole range of global flavours to celebrate the worldwide excitement that IPL offers. Be sure to come over to FreshMenu to experience even more diverse ranges of delicious dishes from all over the world. Drizzle in a little delicious to the match stress!