World Cuisine at Your Fingertips

It is always wonderful to see the immense diversity of foods in different parts of the world, and not to mention, the intricate disparities in the way they’re cooked!


FreshMenu, is a celebration of just that. Our menu consists of the diverse cuisines urther curated with varied delicacies, to cover the vastness of global cuisines to bring to the tongue, not just the taste but an experience - a worldwide experience!


To spread the essence of the diverse taste, we at FreshMenu are celebrating world cuisine this week and bringing to your plate, vast arrays of mouthwatering dishes artistically prepared with authentic cuisines from all over the globe. Taste the world with just a tap or a click with FreshMenu.


Here’s what you need to look forward to this week:


Pan-Asian Cuisine (24th April, 2017)

Taste the freshness of Asian herbs and spices with our range of Pan-Asian cuisine on Monday (24th April, 2017). We are bringing to you authentic dishes prepared in the exact way they are made in their respective culinary situations. Go ahead, taste the spices and oils of Thailand, taste the freshness of Japan, savour the intricate flavours of China - Go on an Oriental journey with FreshMenu!


Tex-Mex Cuisine(25th April, 2017)

Explore global favourites with FreshMenu’s Tex-Mex cuisine on Tuesday (25th April, 2017). We aim at lifting you to a delicious culture that has become the contemporary and a trend in this day and age. The hot dogs and the burgers; with the burritos and the enchiladas; all power packed in one menu for that one day. Come celebrate with us.


Italian Cuisine (26th April, 2017)

Our chefs make sure that you experience the authenticity of every little nibble of the dishes you try. On Wednesday (26th April, 2017), we are taking your taste buds to Italy with our irresistible Italian dishes, prepared dexterously to give you the feel and taste of Italy.


Experience the goodness of these international dishes spread across three days. What’s more enticing is that the prices are starting at just Rs. 150. Come over to FreshMenu and celebrate this gastronomical festival with us. Share picture of the dishes you try on Instagram, tag us and tell us about your delectable experience. We promise you, your taste buds will rejoice every moment of it.

This is just the starting of a great delicious journey, we will be coming with more worldwide cuisine days as part of FreshMenu Food Festival. Be on the lookout for them for a fresh and global experience.