Soups & Salads - A Summer Ballad

The endless Summer scorches the streets again,

Oh, heat percolates to every corner and cranny.

But here come Soups and Salads to quell the pain

FreshMenu spreads the chill in this climate fever, uncanny!


Lettuce, turnip, cucumber, galore;

Not less at all than the stirred goodness Soups hold.

Rescue they do from the heat, sweat and more

Go on a journey with them and let freshness unfold:


Chicken Dumplings Soup

A petite slurp here and another one there

Of this Soup makes the hot temperature curb,

Made with aromatic flavours, a broth so fair;

Chicken Dumplings, the Asian’s Spice and Herb.


Barley N Veggie Broth

Every slurp of this is a great treat to experience:

Mixed Veggies, Barley with a base of Tomatoes.

Fresh and Wholesome, both dance in perseverance,

A drizzle of Basil, does drive out the sultry foes.


Za'atar Crusted Cottage Cheese Salad

No lesser are these following Beautiful Crisps of Freshness.

A Salad so delicious, and o, yet so unimaginably light -

Vinaigrette and Paneer breathing into the breathless,

A great creation, with the secret of a Middle-eastern spice.


Quinoa Mango Salad

Another Veggie Salad to fill you with its sweet air:

Dressed in Thyme Vinaigrette, Quinoa, Peppers, Lettuce and Clove.

Beating the heat of this Summer’s wear and tear

Another ingredient - chunks of ripened Mango. Oh, Treasure Trove!


Habanero Bean Chicken Salad

Ravishingly Fresh as Fresh can be, now come the Non-veg Salads -

Kidney Beans, French Beans, Sweet Corn, Carrot and Couscous:

Everything dressed in Habanero, to beautifully entice the palate;

It’s colourful, it’s vibrant, it’s everything cool, no longer heat be the focus!


Roast Chicken Caesar Salad

The Caesar of all Salads, the classic hero of them all -

Romaine Lettuce, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Cucumber,

Temptingly delicious with smoked chicken, have a ball,

Creamy Caesar dressing and Parmesan Cheese, thawing Summer.


The heat is removed. The day is made fresh

There is no endless Summer scorching your streets,

Thanks to the Soups and Salads that vanquish the stress

Come over to FreshMenu and experience these treats.


Only some can be spoken of, since there are so many,

Try every if you may, you wont be let down.

We celebrate Soup and Salad Fest with freshness plenty

Come be on this journey, fresh and cool are here now!