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IFL - 6 Dishes you MUST try out!

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IFL - 6 Dishes you MUST try out!

Cricket fever has taken the nation by storm. Gathering your friends and family and watching the match (while making sure that all your everyday chores, and running errands, are finished before the first ball), has become a thing of great importance now. So as you sit with jittery nerves - or stand with the most ecstatic fervour - cheering, howling or screaming your lungs out, get those taste buds exhilarated as much as your cricket passion, with FreshMenu’s International Food League (IFL) menu.

Here’s a glimpse of the delicious range of IFL flavours, guaranteed to add to the IPL mania.

After all, every match can be a fresh adventure with FreshMenu’s T20 specials!


Caught N Bowled Love Jar

A jar bound to catch attention of your pleasure buds and get you bowled over! This decadent cake in a jar forms with layers of dark chocolate sponge, white chocolate cream, coffee almond crumble, spots of sweet blueberry and a melody of dark chocolate sprinkles. A breath of sweet delight during the match.



The Winning Shots

Every winning match calls for an ongoing celebration with these delicious crispies. We have the secret to making the perfect crispy potato snack! Experience victory with these sesame seed coated potato fries, tossed in sweet plum sauce with a tinge of spice. Each crunch resounds a winning shot!



The Sixers

Behind every perfect shot is a determined batsman, and for every breathtaking moment of a sixer, there are these accompanying appetizers. Nothing less than the augmenting digits on a cricket scoreboard, these oriental chicken lollipops, tossed in chilli garlic sauce are a great way to celebrate a great match.



Cricket Cling Strips

Allow us to introduce you to this enticingly delicious appetizer. The cricket fanatic in you will crunch out with every bite of these crispy fried spicy yogurt marinated chicken tenders. Make match time, fun time!




The Bouncer Hot Dog

Hunger during the match will hit the boundary in no time with this scrumptious fast food. Chicken keema is topped with grilled frankfurter, crunchy red onions, jalapeno relish and English mustard relish, layered in a hot dog bun. A taste you won’t want to miss.




The Powerplay Burger

Be strong to the finish and do eat your spinach, because it’s always great to keep that extra power during the match howls! Made with irresistible layers of cheesy spinach chicken patty, mozzarella and hot sauce, this delicious burger is sure to maximize your energy levels.




So, there you have it, six cricket dishes as part of our IFL, to add that extra zeal to your match time! Come over to FreshMenu and check out some more great dishes from our T20 Special menu. The dishes are changing everyday and you really wouldn’t want to miss out on these alluring range of lip-smackers at amazing prices, chef made and farm fresh, delivered to your doorstep.


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