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10 popular (Chicken) dishes you haven’t tried yet

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10 popular (Chicken) dishes you haven’t tried yet

I’m quite certain you folks would agree, a world without food wouldn’t be a world at all! Well, to add to that, just imagine a world where food did exist but only with the tragedy of there being no variety! It would a catastrophe, really.

I should like to think that variety adds colour to life - an element that embellishes the mundane. And what else can best describe variety than platters of nice food cooked in several ways to entice the palate?

So, here is a list of 10 chicken dishes you might have not tried yet. Each different than the other and each as delicious as the other! Check them out. Save yourself from the mundane!


1. Chicken Steak in Jack Daniels Sauce

The smooth Tennessee whisky flavour of the Jack Daniels sauce adds more to this delicious chicken steak than you can imagine.







2. Chicken Crockpot Rice Bowl

Scrumptious chicken drumsticks prepared perfectly in both moist and dry heat with drool-worthy herbs and spices, topped with a lavish gravy of horse gram. Try resisting that!






3. Black Satan Chicken

If you feel like trying out some dark flavours you could give this a taste. A touch of soy and a fleck of the five spice make this regular morsel a dish of magnificence!






4. Chicken Steak in Mayan Mystique Curry

A hint of filter coffee, a tease of cajun spice mix with a careful pouring of demi-glace (a rich golden brown sauce in French cuisine), all on a bed of delectable sorghum. Enough to make your taste buds go wild.






5. Mongol Chicken Hot Pot

Influenced from Russian and Chinese cuisine, this is a sure surprise to any palate, loaded with tangy flavours with a twist of nutty ones.








6. Tahiti BBQ Chicken Casserole

Be taken aback by this wonderful blend of cheese and barbecue in a delicious chicken dish!







7. Nasi Lemak with Chicken

Chicken infused delicately with sambal, a hot sauce from Indonesia made with the most savoury flavours. A bite of this can only end up in a bunch of surprised taste buds!






8. Grilled Chicken in Secret Sauce

It’s a miracle what a dash of a skilled chef’s secret sauce can do to turn a regular dish into a delight!







9. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Crunch into the contrasting relish of these wraps. A bite of this, and it’s going to be hard to wrap one’s head around the taste!






10. Chicken Sausage Brioche

A great breakfast meal bound to make your day delightful. Its quality of having a mix of not so peculiar flavours but being yet so exotic makes it a marvel. When the caramelized onions with the sausage, lettuce and the mayo in the brioche (French bun) disperse in your tongue, you’ll know exactly what I mean.



There you have it, great creations of the most delicious kind. Try all of them and see which one delights you the most. It’s hard to pick one. You could come over to FreshMenu and check out some of these dishes but I must say, you need to hurry, our menu is changing every day!