7 Dishes I Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

As a foodie, exploring food options is always a matter of bliss. My passion for food drives me to constantly think about what I’ll be eating for my next meal. Even while I’m eating, I’m thinking about food!

It helps to have tastebuds that enjoy an explosion of flavours from all around the world. Right from the exuberant Mexican Street Food to typical British pub grub, eating takes precedence over everything else. I’d like to blame the horde of restaurants for spoiling me with choice and posing the everyday dilemma of deciding what to eat. Thanks to them, food is always on my mind and the world, always on my plate.


Binging in progress

I have a tendency to gorge round the clock which never stops me from dreaming about food. This of course, makes it harder to decide what to eat. Nevertheless, I have some favourites that are a step ahead in the game; some dishes that I am truly, madly, deeply obsessed with. I would eat any of these at any time of the day, in the blink of an eye.

Here are 7 dishes that have the power to leave me sleepless:



A fresh and herbed tomato sauce with gooey, molten cheese on a flatbread with literally any topping is capable of sweeping me off my feet. I’m always game for a pizza. And who doesn’t love pizza, right?


Chocolate Desserts

My all time indulgence is any luscious chocolate dessert. I can always chomp on a sweet dish made out of chocolate! Tarts, sundaes or mousse – I love it all. If it’s got chocolate, my stomach’s got plenty of room to savour it.


Tacos and Quesadillas

The Mexican street food has me in awe of its flavourful and multi-textured fare. However, my two beloved choices are tacos and quesadillas. I love how the refried beans, jalapenos, melted cheese and succulent meat filling come together in a crunch tortilla.



Ever since I can remember, dimsums have had me on a hook. My devotion to dimsums stems from my love for the Indian version, aka momos! Regardless, dimsums represent my idea of the perfect comfort food.


Thai Curry

For me, Thai curry is an epitome of a wholesome meal – flavourful, creamy and aromatic. There are exotic herbs and coconut milk which make the combination of Thai curry and sticky rice, a celebration that must not be missed. Green or red – Thai curry is a foodie’s delight.



This is perhaps the most versatile food on this list and at the same time I’m going to add how picky I am about my burgers. A good burger is a juicy treat and has the right balance of textures. The crunchiness of the veggies, the tender meat and soft, fresh baked buns – drool away!


Fish and Chips

A classic that many people fail to nail but is in fact, the standard food choice for pubs. The melt-in-your-mouth feel of fish with the crispy fries, is a match made in heaven! A mouthful of fish and chips justifies why it’s a much loved favourite.


More food for Thought

I believe that food has the power to change our moods. But more than that, it can strengthen relationships as people bond over food. People connect when they eat together and that is why at Freshmenu, our ultimate goal is to bring people together over good food. We want to leave behind ‘foodprints’ that reflect our hard work in forming a nationwide community of foodies.