Steel-cut Oats, the best Breakfast Ever…

I should like to think that I am a health-conscious person. Some people I know might find this uncanny, since I am also a foodie. I guess it is the balance between what I eat, and how much, is what helps.

This brings me to talk about some days ago – I got to know about this healthy-delicious something called steel-cut oats. It was intriguing to know about this specific variety of oats and that there exist two other varieties. Thus, I thought it would be apt to write about these different varieties and explain what steel-cut really is, since, from what I learn, its consumption is gradually becoming a trend.

The Types of Oats

Turns out there are three types of oats: Steel-cut, Regular and Instant. Their disparity isn’t derived from what they are made of but, how they are made. It is the amount of processing done on the oats groat that results in these different types.

Steel-cut Oats

This is the most unprocessed but the hardest of the three. It is also referred to as Irish or Scottish oats. Oats start off as whole groats (unbroken grains) and they are given from by a certain amount of processing or breaking. Steel-cut oats are made when the whole groat is cut into several pieces and not rolled. This is how it gets its name. They almost resemble rice pieces and take the longest to cook. They are chewy and toothsome which makes them seem completely different in taste and texture from their other varieties.

Regular & Instant Oats

These two varieties are not only just cut, but also rolled into flat discs. They are also steamed. The difference between the two is that regular oats is less processed than instant oats. Instant oats are rolled flatter and thinner than regular oats. Moreover, Instant oats are pre-cooked and dried, because of which they take the least time to cook. These two are essentially the ones that are commonly consumed.


Making breakfast healthier!

Steel-cut oats makes the usual porridge breakfast taste a little better, according to me. It’s probable that it’s because it tastes unique with regards to what I am used to in the mornings. Also, it is healthier, in the sense that they are the least processed and make for a heavy breakfast. I guess, it takes the saying, “Eat Breakfast like a King” to a whole new level.

Steel-cut Oats Mocha Chocolate Jar . It’s not at all a letdown!