The world is in one way or the other connected through food - because, well, food is the magic of getting everyone together and celebrating global cultures through different  flavours.


We know the world is a vast stretch of flavourful experiences scattered across every continent, region, culture, and well, cultures within that culture — covering quite a lot! FreshMenu tries bringing all of that together with its daily changing menu, consisting of cuisines and delicacies that string in the flavours of the world, prepared by a line of highly-skilled chefs.

Here’s some of the cuisines we experiment with:


Pan-Asian Cuisine

Taste the freshness of Asian herbs and spices with our range of Pan-Asian cuisines. We bring to you authentic dishes prepared in the exact way they are made in their respective culinary traditions. Go ahead, enjoy the spices of Thailand, reminiscence with the freshness of Japan, savour the intricate flavours of China - go on an Oriental journey with FreshMenu!


Tex-Mex Cuisine

Explore global favourites with FreshMenu’s Tex-Mex cuisine. We aim at lifting you to a delicious culture that has become a contemporary trend, today! The hot dogs and the burgers; with the burritos and the enchiladas; all power packed in one menu. Come celebrate with us, amigos!


Italian Cuisine

Our chefs make sure that you experience the authenticity of every little nibble of these delicacies you try. We promise to take your taste buds on a journey through Italy with our irresistible Italian dishes, prepared dexterously to give you that authentic feel and taste. Our chefs have reimagined the classic staples such as pastas and pizzas into warm sumptuous meals, the whole family will love.


American Cuisine

From Hollywood to hot dogs and every-Trump-thing in between, America has wowed the world with its doings. When it comes to cuisine, America lives up to the badge, ‘Bigger is Better.’

We’ve got some legendary dishes like the cheeseburger, club sandwiches and American Lo-Mein. You’d ‘break any wall’ to relish the culinary heritage of this country.


British Cuisine

We’ve been globe-tripping and here we are at Britain to celebrate its classic culinary delights. Hearty, simple, delicious and developed to feed the colonial empire, the food and cooking of England is steeped in history and heritage. Around the world, people have good food; the British in many ways defined this good food, though a lot of their favourites today have origins elsewhere.


Pan-Indian Cuisine

Your palates need to enjoy the most exotic dishes from different parts of our very own country. We bring to you the untasted and the unexplored Kashmiri, Bengali, Parsi, Hyderabadi, Mughlai and Malayali delicacies. Cooked in authentic spices and adopting local methods, we’d like to take you down nostalgia-lane with our Indian flavours.


Our chefs are busy cooking up a storm in our kitchen, so you can definitely look forward to some more globetripping through food. Come try out our irresistible cuisines and get to learn more about these cultures, and while you’re are at it, tag us on Instagram and tell us about your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

Travel the world, on your plate, with FreshMenu!