Think of fresh, contemporary dishes, delivered straight from a kitchen near you. Not enticing enough? How about Chinese food at 11pm or Italian at 11am — ah, now that got your attention.

A new dish, a new cuisine, a new experience every single day of the week. Why? Well, because our menu is not just a dead piece of paper with words written on it. It changes and evolves and has something intriguing and brand new, every 24 hours. That's right! Impossible as that sounds, it’s happening. Chefs innovate, cooks get to work, and the delivery experts rush to make that virtual order a reality. Braving the traffic and heat, getting to restaurants, waiting an hour to be served — these horror stories have met their end. The menu and the food work exclusively for YOU, now!

Since surprises are in and predictability is yesterday's news; our intentions are to keep the surprises coming. And that means you never know which dish will pop up on the menu! There are some dishes that highlight local flavours and then there are others that give you a taste of international food culture. A chosen few dishes from different cuisines of the world find their niche on our menu, with the sole aim of taking you places, while you sit in ‘your favourite spot.’

A new place or country every night with an ever-changing menu; because, we love introducing you to different cuisines and dishes not twice in a year or once in a fortnight, but every day. YES, EVERY SINGLE DAY!