Feature 5

Debosree doesn’t believe in fitting into glass slippers, she prefers to shatter glass ceilings. At the age of 32, she’s the Associate Vice President of Product at FreshMenu. Though a lot of people doubted her, she never gave up. Here’s her wonderfully charged story:

‘’ I initially wanted to become a scientist but understood that my place wasn’t even a lab. In IIT, I was one of the only girls and that’s when the stereotyping and judgements began. I was even rejected from top jobs because of my gender. But none of it mattered. I knew I would make my dream come true’’

When asked about her journey in FreshMenu, she has something amazing to say ‘’Honestly, one of the main reasons I joined was Rashmi. She’s a great CEO and the driving force behind it all. It’s great to work with women who are inspiring’’

‘’ One of the other reasons I joined was because I wanted to eat FreshMenu desserts all the time. My husband and I order a dessert at least four times a week!’’ she laughs.


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